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Jay Roecker - 'Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)'

After recently delivering his much-loved studio album 'Electronic Symphonic' earlier this year, Austin-based artist Jay Roecker is now looking to showcase his latest collection with one of the record's standout offerings, 'Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)'.

Continuing to pursue more of those rich and immersive electro-pop aesthetics he has become known for in recent years, 'Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)' makes for a powerfully bold listen. With his warm and captivating vocals layered across a spellbinding production from start to finish, he is certainly looking to turn some heads with this mesmerising new delight.

While these last few months have certainly been a busy period for the artist at the helm, 'Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)' still manages to stand out within his tantalising repertoire to date. With such a fresh and confident grasp over his sound, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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