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Jane N' The Jungle - 'Raw As A Jewel'

Photo: Jim Louvau

Having already delighted us with a flurry of bold and anthemic releases these last few months, including their recent hits 'DIRTY DOG' and 'METAL GHOST', Arizona-based alt-rock outfit Jane N' The Jungle are back once again to offer up their latest thunderous offering 'Raw As A Jewel'.

Bringing back another heady dose of blistering riffs and killer hooks throughout, 'Raw As A Jewel' makes for another wildly impressive listen. With its rich and dynamic aesthetic, perfectly measured against some brilliantly engaging vocals, they are continuing their rise as a vibrant addition to the new music scene right now.

While these last few months have certainly seen them churn out their fair share of belters, 'Raw As A Jewel' is another fine example of their progressive direction to date. With its raw and emotionally-charged energy running wild from start to finish, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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