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Jane N' The Jungle - 'DIRTY DOG'

Photo: Jim Louvau

Following on from a flurry of energetic offerings over the last few years, including their recently released 'Ocean Creatures' EP from earlier this year, Phoenix-based outfit Jane N' The Jungle have now returned with their explosive new single 'DIRTY DOG'.

Channelling more of that raw and driven alt-rock direction they have been developing over the years, 'DIRTY DOG' makes for an incredibly bold and euphoric addition to their catalogue to date. Unleashing a frenzy of rip-roaring guitars, a soaring atmosphere, and killer vocals layered throughout, this lot are certainly aiming to become one of the most talked about names of the moment.

While they have been working on their sound for a while now, there is something very special about 'DIRTY DOG' that shows they are on the cusp of bigger things ahead. With more material set to be unveiled in the coming months, we can't wait to hear what they come out with next.


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