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iHATEJON - 'See No Evil'

After showcasing his smooth and enticing sound on previous efforts 'U' and 'iGOTME' earlier this year, North Carolina-based rapper iHATEJON returns once again with his breezy new single 'See No Evil'.

Looking to find a way out of the toxic relationships he has endured throughout his life, 'See No Evil' makes for a wonderfully rich and alluring listen. While its subject matter isn't the easiest thing to digest, he does an incredible job to create a fresh and heartfelt offering that really shines through.

Channelling a smooth and progressive production throughout, iHATEJON has this brilliantly distinctive direction like no other. Taking his time throughout each verse, his compelling flow and prose take us on a beautifully blissful journey, brimming with passionate hooks from start to finish.


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