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How To Loot Brazil - 'Joy To Be Had'

Having been a major player in the new music scene for almost two decades now, it is fair to say that German outfit How To Loot Brazil have seen it all. While the sounds and styles of many of their contemporaries look to bend to the fashion of the time, the electronic trio have always stayed true to their core aesthetic, highlighted by their well-received 2022 LP 'International Midi Thrill'. And after a wave of dynamic releases in the years since then, they now return with their eagerly-awaited ninth studio album 'Joy To Be Had', a record that looks to continue that innovative streak.

Much like their tenure to date, 'Joy To Be Had' has this brilliantly adventurous spirit to it. While still focused on that energetic appeal they have maintained since their earliest beginnings, this new thirteen-track collection still manages to find new and interesting avenues in which to take itself. With the direction of the record as unpredictable as ever, How To Loot Brazil have returned to the fold with one of their most exciting releases in years.

While these past seventeen years have certainly had their fair share of anthemic moments, 'Joy To Be Had' mounts an exceptional continuation of their most vibrant moments to date. Brimming with this unstoppable pace and infectious texture at every turn, How To Loot Brazil are once again showing their kin how it is done.


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