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Grandbrothers - 'All The Unknown'

As artists that have always turned their attention to the piano, using the instrument to create all manner of broad and experimental sounds with it, composing duo Grandbrothers are now looking to add a new and exciting electronic edge to their latest work as they deliver their latest album 'All The Unknown'.

In previous years, Grandbrothers' sound has relied entirely on their own ingenuity to create and compose enormous soundscapes from just one simple instrument. But with this new electronic addition to their work, this new collection feels as if it is heading in a whole new direction entirely. While the core base of their style remains absolute, there is something less captivating about this new collection. As if the removal of its singular intention was what gave them their edge, and these new works just don't seem to have the same magic as before.

While still an incredibly strong release with plenty of standout moments, 'All The Unknown' feels a bit too safe for what they are known for. It keeps much of its warm and kaleidoscopic sound, but not as groundbreaking as we would have hoped for.


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