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Govorukha - 'Hollow'

Photo: Ann Petrov

After briefly returning last year to deliver his wondrous comeback single 'Scissors', Czech singer-songwriter Govorukha is now back on the grind once again to deliver his shimmering new effort 'Hollow'.

Adopting more of that warm and embracing indie-folk aesthetic he is quickly earning a reputation for, 'Hollow' makes for a wonderfully rich and heartfelt return for him. With its spellbinding textures set to some beautifully emotive vocals throughout, he continues to shine as one of the more compelling names doing the rounds right now.

While he may only have a handful of releases under his belt right now, 'Hollow' still makes for a powerful addition to his ever-growing catalogue. With such vibrancy within his songwriting from start to finish, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.


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