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Giant Killers - 'Songs For The Small Places'

When it comes to long-awaited new albums, it feels as if Giant Killers may have just set some kind of record. After originally being signed to MCA Records in the 90s and releasing a handful of singles, the pair recorded a full-length studio album that never saw the light of day. But decades of fighting for the rights to it, they have now released their long lost debut album 'Songs For The Small Places', a record that fully encapsulates those heady origins.

Discovering a brand new album which is actually almost thirty years old certainly makes for an interesting listen. Clearly a product of its time, 'Songs For The Small Places' is filled with classic 90s aesthetics, all held together in this euphoric Britpop haze. But despite its weathered direction, there is still something immediately contemporary about its ideals. Brimming with a light yet powerful energy that sweeps and swoons throughout, it feels as if Giant Killers sound may be more necessary now than ever.

Most definitely in the same vein as The Charlatans and The Lightning Seeds, 'Songs For The Small Places' is the perfect record to unlock that hard dose of nostalgia. Rich and illuminating from beginning to end, you'll most definitely be coming back to this one again and again.

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