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Fresh off the back of her highly-praised offering 'stupid' at the end of last year, emerging artist PENNY X returns once again to deliver her progressive new single 'back to your dad's'.

Offering up another heady dose of bold and blistering alt-pop production once again, 'back to your dad's' is another enticing entry within her repertoire to date. Brimming with fresh and alluring textures throughout, she is continuing to impress with this vibrant new delight.

So with her latest single out now, we joined her in a quick chat to find out more about her background and influences over the years.

What was the first band or artist you fell in love with?

My first real love - music wise - was Taylor Swift. She’s still one of my biggest role models to date. I just think her songwriting is so good - the story telling, the honesty and her songs are also so relatable.

Did you ever form a band when you were younger and if so, what did they sound like?

In high school I was the singer of a few bands, even a Big Band. During my college time I formed a Country-Pop band and at times we had 3 guitars on stage.

What has been your primary inspiration in writing music?

My songs are always based on true stories from my life. Sometimes I might adjust the details but all in all my songs are autobiographical. Also I think I’m inspired the most when I’m hurting in some way because music has always been my way of dealing with stuff. But for the future I’m also gonna try to write some happy songs haha.

What is a song you wish you had written yourself?

There’s so many but lately I’ve been really obsessed with this new Mimi Webb song ‘Red Flags’ - it’s just such perfect Pop writing!

If there was any moment in your career you could relive, what would it be?

I’m more focused on the future but if I had to choose - I’d wanna relive the music video shoot for my new single ‘back to your dad’s’. It was so much fun but I was kinda nervous since it was my first real music video shoot. So if I could do it again, just knowing that it’s gonna turn out amazing and I can chill, I think it would be even more fun.

Which artist would you most love to share a stage with?

I think it would be really inspiring to share a stage with a legend like Madonna or Dolly Parton for example. They’re so experienced that you could probably learn a lot from them from this experience.

And is there an artist you would love to collaborate with as well?

I’d love to write a song with JP Saxe. I just think he’s a genius when it comes to lyrics.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Actually I think I don’t see my future being that much different from now. I just wanna be writing songs with cool people. Also I hope in 5 years I can play my own headline shows around the world.

And at some point I definitely want a dog haha.


PENNY X's new single 'back to your dad's' is out now. Have a listen to it below.


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