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GET TO KNOW: Mike Stoyanov

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Following up the incredible response to his debut single 'Star' earlier this year, London-based singer and songwriter Mike Stoyanov is back once again to deliver his latest upbeat anthem 'No Regrets'.

Bringing back more of that smooth and invigorating indie-rock swagger he is carving out for himself, 'No Regrets' makes for a wonderfully fresh and exciting listen. Jam-packed with energetic hooks, killer riffs, and his own distinctive voice at the helm, it feels like things are only just beginning for this young artist.

So with the new single doing the rounds, we sat down with him to find out more about his background and what has inspired him most over the years.


What was the first instrument you learned to play?

It was the guitar but I was never really that into playing man. I remember as soon as I learnt to play 2-3 chords I was already writing my own songs. Writing songs was really what I liked man, even to this day I don’t get any enjoyment from playing the guitar just for the sake of it, I just play so I can write fucking songs, you know

What was the first album you remember owning?

In the beginning I used to just download music illegally and make my own CDs you know, I started making my own “Greatest Hits Albums” for bands I liked, I was probably 13-14 and I was making compilations of my favourite Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin songs, you know it was fucking great. I think I learnt a lot from that about how to arrange an album so it has a direction.

Did you ever form a band when you were younger and if so, what did they sound like?

It wasn’t really a band, it was just me singing and one other guy playing the guitar, we were getting drunk and high and you know I noticed the magic started to happen after 3 beers and one spliff and it sounded like two guys having the best time of their lives.

What is a song you wish you had written yourself?

The Edge of Glory by fucking Lady Gaga, it is not rocknroll but I fucking love it man, I am on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edgeeeeee, fucking inbelievalbe energy man.

What has been the most thrilling moment about creating your own music?

The best part is when I get possessed by angels, demons or whatever the fuck it is but when I feel that I am not writing this song, something much more powerful than me is just using my body to write this song, that’s when something great happens.

And what about the most frustrating part?

When the producer tells me - lets make this chorus a bit shorter. No man, I have already written the song, you just fucking do the arrangement and don’t try to re-write the fucking song ok, there is a very clear line - I have already written the fucking song and you don’t fucking touch the song, you just do the fucking arrangement alright.

Which artist would you most love to share a stage with?

Taylor Swift cause she is fit as fuck man.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Are you fucking kidding me, is this a job interview for fucking Goldman Sachs or something, fuck off man. I just do my best every day and whatever happens, happens man. God only knows.


Mike Stotanov's new single 'No Regrets' is available to stream now. Check out the new video for it below.

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