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Georgie - 'At Home'

After originally releasing the digital version of this record back in 2020, emerging singer and songwriter Georgie felt so proud of this collection that she had to rerelease it physically for the new year, giving us another chance to fall in love with her work all over again.

While always someone to skirt the lines between the more humble singer-songwriter guise and something more adventurous, 'At Home' makes for a wonderfully broad and uplifting release to enjoy. Mixing her subtle vocals with an array of sweeping guitar hooks, gentle production, and the odd piano-led ballad, her debut was and still is one of the more magical offerings we have had the chance to enjoy these last few months.

It may not be brand new to our ears, but hearing it all again just reminds us of the majesty of her work. Subtle and elegant from start to finish, Georgie is quickly becoming one of those rare talents that we can't wait to hear more of.

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