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Genevieve Charbonneau - 'Symphony Of Sorrow'

Photo: Arden Gill

Following on from the release of her highly-praised 2019 studio album 'Heart Is A Tower', Canadian singer-songwriter now makes her long-awaited return with the sweeping new single 'Symphony Of Sorrow'.

Conjuring more of that rich and tender folk-inspired aesthetic she is known for, 'Symphony Of Sorrow' makes for a beautifully sweet and tender listen. With her bold and transportive voice layered across a humbled production from start to finish, she is certainly looking to sweep us off our feet with this eagerly-awaited comeback.

Despite a four-year break between this and her most recent material, 'Symphony Of Sorrow' shows that she is still brimming with fresh and alluring textures throughout. With such a firm and confident approach to her songwriting as well, we can't wait to hear what else she has been working on since she's been gone.

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