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Gary Dranow - 'Sandy Beaches'

With his ever-expanding repertoire growing faster and more intense by the day, US artist Gary Dranow is back to his prolific ways once again with the anthemic new single 'Sandy Beaches'.

Inspired by a homeless war veteran living in Santa Monica, 'Sandy Beaches' adds a more emotive layer to his usually raw and driven alt-rock aesthetic. Blending powerful lyrics with broader and more euphoric riffs at every turn, he delivers a truly great and mesmerising delight here.

Although his innovative spirit has already turned out some killer tracks so far this year, 'Sandy Beaches' shows he is still brimming with plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to pursue. With its progressive energy and shimmering appeal, Gary Dranow is certainly a name to keep a firm eye on in 2024 as well.


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