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Gary Dranow - 'Dad'

Photo: Liz Dranow

After what has already been one of the more prolific periods we have seen from any new artist doing the rounds right now, Gary Dranow is back to his best once again as he delivers his more tender offering 'Dad'.

Stepping away from the rip-roaring guitar riffs of his recent releases in exchange for a wistful piano-led aesthetic, 'Dad' sees him in one of his more heartfelt guises yet. Brimming with this rich and emotive power threaded throughout, he is offering up a beautifully warming cut that highlights his most passionate songwriting to date.

There has hardly been a point in which he has not been looking to expand his musical horizons, but 'Dad' is clearly his most emotionally-charged single so far. With such an immersive message at its core, he continues to shine as a true innovator on the rise right now.


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