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Ewan J Phillips – ‘I’m Yours’

After cementing his legacy with the release of his hotly-tipped debut album ‘Born Survivor’ last year, emerging singer-songwriter Ewan J Phillips is back once again with his shimmering new gem ‘I’m Yours’. Offering up a sweet and supple piano-led direction this time around, he is returning to the fold with one of his most heartfelt offerings to date.

Madison Steinbruck – ‘Bad News’

With her highly-anticipated debut album ‘Australia’s Lonelier’ set to arrive soon, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madison Steinbruck continues the support for her forthcoming full-length with the dreamy new single ‘Bad News’. With her sweet and alluring voice measured against a sweeping production from start to finish, she is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings here.

august at night – ‘Moon Sign’

Having already made his mark as one of the more captivating names on the rise right now, alt-R&B artist august at night has now delivered his highly-praised debut EP ‘Moon Sign’, showcased by the warming title-track. Bringing back more of that broad and atmospheric texture he is known for, his newest offering is another fresh and alluring listen throughout.

matt sak – ‘Ducati’

After breaking through with his highly-praised debut single ‘Jumped The Gun’ last year, Washington-based artist matt sak is back on the grind once again as he shares his breezy new effort ‘Ducati’. Channelling a bold and atmospheric production from start to finish, he is continuing his pursuit of sweet and shimmering textures with this one.

Gerald Slevin – ‘Agnostic About You’

Having already honed his craft through his previous project The Color Bars, indie-pop artist Gerald Slevin is now pursuing his own direction on the glittering new delight ‘Agnostic About You’. Lifted from his forthcoming new album, which is set to drop next year, his latest gem is a bright and uplifting dose of techincolour flavours throughout.


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