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Tex Moonlight – ‘Amy Winehouse’

Pioneering his self-described sound “Americonica” throughout a run of releases these last few years, emerging artist Tex Moonlight is back to his vibrant ways on the toe-tapping new single ‘Amy Winehouse’. Paying homage to the unmistakable artist with a flurry of fresh and upbeat textures throughout, this new one will have you up and out of your seat in no time.

Big Slice – ‘Could Be Wrong’

After breaking through with their impactful debut album ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’ in recent years, indie-rock outfit Big Slice make their eagerly-awaited return with the uplifting new single ‘Could Be Wrong’. Bringing back more of that warm and effervescent direction they are known for, they are continuing to impress with this instantly loveable comeback.

Dead End Job – ‘Conspiracies’

With a sound that looks to blend an energetic pop-punk aesthetic with rollicking riffs throughout, California-based outfit Dead End Job are back to their explosive best on the killer new offering ‘Conspiracies’. Filled with fist-pumping hooks and catchy vocals throughout, this new one is going to be stuck in your head long after you’ve finished listening to it.

Ivar & The Horde – ‘Arcade Paradise’

With a sound that looks to pick up where Rage Against The Machine left off, emerging outfit Ivar & The Horde now look to showcase their debut EP ‘Arcade Paradise’ with the enormous title-track. Bringing back the nostalgic rap-rock sound for a modern ear, this raw and driven new release is a strong and vibrant indication of intent for the group.

Moxxy Jones & Isabelle – ‘Another Yesterday’

Having already established themselves individually over the years, emerging artists Moxxy Jones and Isabelle now join forces for this fresh and shimmering new groove ‘Another Yesterday’. Capturing the same rich and glossy textures as Fleetwood Mac and Haim, this new release makes for a wonderfully warm and enticing listen throughout.


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