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Dead Star Talk - ‘Solid State Chemicals’

The dynamic and innovative band DEAD STAR TALK is poised to revolutionise the music industry with the release of their highly anticipated second album, "Solid State Chemicals," highlighted by its vibrant title-track. This groundbreaking album promises an unforgettable musical journey, blending melodic guitar-driven anthems with experimental tracks, all while pushing the boundaries of rock music and advocating for fair treatment of artists in the industry.

vinny olmstead - ‘chasing’

Emerging artist vinny olmstead, a fresh voice in the hip-hop and R&B scene from the Detroit area, has just released his new single ‘Chasing’. Known for his innovative approach and emotive storytelling, vinny is set to continue his rise in the music industry with this latest release. Following the success of his debut EP ‘Why Would I Change’ earlier this year, he plans to release a series of singles throughout the year, culminating in his highly anticipated album set for late 2024.

Larusta & The Dead Dogs - ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’

Larusta & The Dead Dogs release their new single ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’, blending rock, folk, and post-punk as the title-track for their upcoming debut album. Originating from Möckmühl, Germany, Larusta moved to London, forming the band to bring his dark, lyrical alternative rock and folk ideas to life.

Big Yard - ‘Happy Day’

Big Yard, a dynamic collaboration between seasoned producers and veteran singer-songwriter Darryl Scotti, return with their captivating new single ‘Happy Day’. Formed in 2022, the band released their debut single ‘Proof’ earlier this year, followed by ‘State of Mind’, both of which have garnered attention from esteemed publications such as Earmilk, CLASH Magazine, and Jammerzine.

Hannah Johnson - ‘Lifetime’

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Hannah Johnson captivated audiences with her debut single ‘Slow Motion’, a soulful retro pop tune, and followed it with the rock-focused ‘Mine’, which showcased her versatility. Now she returns with ‘Lifetime’, the finale to her five-track EP of the same name, that looks to highlight her diverse and adventurous nature recently.


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