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Jay Bizzy - ‘Next Up?’

Having already been seen as one of the more progressive names doing the rounds right now, London rapper Jay Bizzy is back to his best once again on the impactful new freestyle ‘Next Up?’ With his killer flow bouncing effortlessly across a dynamic production at every turn, he continues to shine across this stunning new gem.

Scrimshaw Porn - ‘Edgar Allen’

As one of the more innovative names on today’s new music scene, progressive artist Scrimshaw Porn continues those adventurous ideals on the spellbinding new single ‘Edgar Allan’. Named after the infamous poet and dark storyteller, this new outing continues that broad and captivating direction he has been building for himself lately.

DAJÉ - ‘I Wanna Know’

After turning out a fresh and enigmatic array of gems throughout last year, fast-rising artist DAJÉ now teams up with Trey Havens on the bouncing new single ‘I Wanna Know’. Brimming with bright and infectious energy from beginning to end, he continues to impress across this buoyant new jam.

Mark Duggan - ‘Dance Myself To You’

Having already established himself with a run of dazzling releases over the years, Irish singer-songwriter Mark Duggan is back once again with his alluring new effort ‘Dance Myself To You’. Exploring a warm and tender aesthetic for his newest outing, he sweeps and swoons his way across this mesmerising new ode.

Jeremy Rice - ‘WWIII’

With a vibrant array of cuts currently doing the rounds, emerging artist Jeremy Rice is back to his vibrant ways once again with his latest upbeat stunner ‘WWIII’. While its lyrical content feels quite at odds with its jubilant sound, he has still managed to take the subject of impending apocalypse and deliver a fun-loving romp in the process.


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