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Tim Palm - ‘New Person’

Renowned Swedish electronic artist Tim Palm has unveiled his latest single ‘New Person’, a chill deep house track from his upcoming album ‘The Unknown Sea’, scheduled for release on the 6th September. Hailing from Stockholm, Tim Palm is recognised for revitalising the essence of house music, creating inclusive spaces through his distinctive soundscapes and infectious melodies that have garnered him over 100,000 followers and 50 million views globally.

Besso - ‘Won’t Fade’

Nico Besso, a Paris-born artist raised in Southern California, has announced the release of his latest single ‘Won't Fade’, blending introspective themes with dance-ready grooves that explore the challenges of maintaining a slipping relationship. At just 23 years old, Besso has carved a unique path in music, influenced by his early exposure to diverse sounds from his mother's CD mixtapes featuring artists like Phoenix, David Bowie, and Daft Punk.

Ronzoni Hines - ‘Last Night’

Ronzoni Hines, known for his soulful voice and creative approach to music, continues to impress with his latest single ‘Last Night’, an R&B anthem blending pop, soul, disco, and rock influences. Following the success of his debut track ‘Stand Up’, which garnered remixes as well as a devoted fan base, Ronzoni showcases his versatility and strong songwriting skills here, delivering heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies that redefine modern R&B for a new audience.

Noah Solt - ‘Big Water’

Noah Solt, an indie folk songwriter, has now released his long-awaited debut album ‘Big Water’, featuring its stunning title-track. Praised by critics in publications like EARMILK, Notion, and CLASH, Solt's approach merges contemporary chamber pop and acoustic rock, garnering significant playlist adds and reaching millions of listeners.

Lucas Elliott - ‘Fairytale’

UK-based artist Lucas Elliott has now released his debut single ‘Fairytale’, a precursor to his upcoming EP, showcasing his prowess as both a singer-songwriter and producer. With emotive vocals and introspective lyrics, Elliott critiques the idealised narratives of media and fairytales, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of reality.


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