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FRESH DINGERS ROUND UP - 26th November 2021

Noelle Toland – ‘I Want To See You Again’

After establishing herself with a flurry of exciting releases these last few years, emerging artist Noelle Toland returns once again with her glittering new single ‘I Want To See You Again’. Teaming up with blues legend Steve Cropper on guitar, this new effort showcases her impeccably heartfelt voice with a rich and sweeping composition throughout.

Zoka The Author – ‘Net Like Kobe’

With a reputation that is quickly growing stronger throughout the UK’s rap scene right now, fast-rising rapper Zoka The Author makes his emphatic return on the driven new single ‘Net Like Kobe’. With his distinctive and energetic flow riding a bed of bold and pulsing beats, this new effort sees him follow in the footsteps of greats like Kano and Skepta.

Lilith Ai – ‘IRL’

Known for her warm and heartfelt sound on recent releases, emerging singer and songwriter Lilith Ai is now back on the grind with the soaring new single ‘IRL’. Keeping the pace and drive behind the song ever moving forward, she sweeps and swoons her way through this passionate pop-rock-inspired gem with ease and gusto.

Edenhill – ‘No Control’

After spending the last few months building and developing his sound, Swindon-based artist Edenhill is now readying himself for his forthcoming new EP with the shimmering new single ‘No Control’. Channelling a bold and enticing 80s-inspired direction for this one, he bops and bounces around this spritely return with grace and finesse from start to finish.

Kaz Oliver – ‘So G u c c i’

Having previously collaborated with each other on last year’s joint album ‘Aerial Vision’, rapper Kaz Oliver and producer Tha Audio Unit team up once again on the refreshing new effort ‘So G u c c i’. Set to appear on the MC’s upcoming new album ‘B.O.T.R.’, their latest collaboration makes for a bright and enticing return, filled with vibrant textures throughout.


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