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Fred again.. announces new album 'Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)'

After the release of his highly-praised LP 'Actual Life 2 (February 2 – October 15, 2021)' last year, Fred again.. has now announced his plans to the third and final instalment of his Actual Life trilogy, 'Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)', which is set to be released on the 28th October via Atlantic Records.

The new full-length is being previewed by the new lead single 'Danielle (smile on my face)'.

Have a listen to 'Danielle (smile on my face)' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)': Tracklist:

1. January 1st 2022

2. Eyelar (shutters)

3. Delilah (pull me out of this)

4. Kammy (like i do)

5. Berwyn (all that i got is you)

6. Danielle (smile on my face)

7. Nathan (still breathing)

8. Bleu (better with time)

9. Kelly (end of a nightmare)

10. Clara (the night is dark)

11. Mustafa (time to move you)

12. Winnie (end of me)

13. September 9th 2022

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