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Frank Rabeyrolles - 'Minor Blue'

Over the last decade or so, French singer-songwriter Frank Rabeyrolles has always looked to set himself apart from the crowd. While filling the well-versed artist/composer trope extremely proficiently, he has always ventured down a more unconventional path, allowing himself to broaden his musical horizons as often as possible. And with the new year now very much under way, he delivers his eagerly-awaited new studio album 'Minor Blue', a record brimming with rich and immersive textures from start to finish.

From the very start, 'Minor Blue' looks to set itself up as one of Rabeyrolles' more subdued outings. Bringing very little in the way of backdrop production to this compelling ten-track collection, he sweeps and swoons his way across this harmonious new delight, allowing his warming vocal performance to stretch far and wide, and giving it this beautifully alluring feel that perfectly compliments his dynamic songwriting at every turn.

These last few years have certainly been a great time for innovation and self-discovery for him, but 'Minor Blue' still manages to make its own distinctive mark on his sprawling catalogue to date. With such an inviting presence layered throughout, he returns to the fold with some of his most engaging work yet.

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