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Francis Alban Blake - 'Truth'

Photo: Ella Tilgenkamp

Despite tragically disappearing in 2018 before being found dead last year, singer-songwriter Francis Alban Blake has been living on ever since as his early recordings continue to resurface with the permission of his family. Now we get to experience his mesmerising voice once again with the shimmering new single 'Truth'.

Conjuring a wonderfully warm and effervescent direction throughout, 'Truth' makes for a beautifully rich and tender listen from start to finish. With its bright and sweeping direction, matched effortlessly with his own spellbinding vocal performance, this latest offering marks an incredibly passionate posthumous entry in his catalogue to date.

While the tragedy of his death shrouds the release in a cloak off darkness at times, 'Truth' is clearly one of the more intimate musings he produced in his time. With such a bold and inspired approach to his songwriting throughout, he was clearly an extremely talented individual, brimming with raw and heartfelt emotion.

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