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Foo Fighters - 'Medicine At Midnight'

Over the last twenty-five years, Foo Fighters have managed to maintain themselves as one of the most loved and lauded rock outfits on the planet. Despite some shaky offerings in recent times, the band have remained as popular as ever, thanks largely to the charisma and charm of their frontman Dave Grohl. But after some years of waning, they now return with their tenth LP 'Medicine At Midnight', a record that sees them grow into their ageing identity.

For a group that has been around as long as Foo Fighters, we knew the day that they would start to calm themselves wouldn't be too far away, and now it feels like they have reached that point. While some of their more recent offerings have attempted to rekindle the passion of their origins, this new collection sees them in a far more matured guise with less energy throughout. But while they may be moving at a slower pace than they used to, their passion for strong songwriting remains intact as much of this album still captures the same raw intensity that saw them break through the mould in the first place.

While it may not be the Foo Fighters we once loved so dearly, 'Medicine At Midnight' still manages to offer something fresh and original for their ever-lasting fanbase to digest. It may stick to much of the same formula as everything they have created over the last decade, but at least they are looking for consistency over big riffs and damp squibs.


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