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Flamingods announce new album 'Head Of Pomegranate'

Photo: Tanmay Chowhary & Genevieve Reyes

After the release of their much-loved 2019 LP 'Levitation', Flamingods have now announced their plans for their fifth studio album 'Head Of Pomegranate', which is set to be released on the 13th October.

The new full-length will include the previously shared single 'Dreams (On The Strip)', is being previewed by the new lead track 'Gutterball'.

Speaking about the new record, the band's Kamal Rasool said, “By the end of our last album campaign [Levitation] we were very close to throwing in the towel. Making this album felt a bit like our redemption moment. It helped us through a lot – including my grieving process. Getting to work with Ben was a dream come true, we grew up listening to records he made. It felt like he was the missing piece we had been looking for.”

While adding about 'Gutterball', “Gutterball came to be simply by us wanting to create a Middle Eastern inspired punk / new wave track that would kill when we played it live. We hooked up our Turkish Saz guitar to a tonne of fuzz and looped distorted bass and synthesizers over Sam’s repetitively tight beats. I wanted to mess around with political/satirical themes for the song, looking to protests and revolution for inspiration.. The mantra of the song is ‘Spit it out’ - if something is rotten you don’t swallow it.”

Have a listen to 'Gutterball' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Head Of Pomegranate' Tracklist:

01. Dreams (On The Strip)

02. Adana

03. The Dip

04. Dirty Money

05. Gutterball

06. Born Lucky

07. Volta Rocket

08. Tall Glass

09. Perfumed Garden

10. Eastern Cowboys

11. Head of Pomegranate


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