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FIDLAR announce new album 'SURVIVING THE DREAM'

Photo: Alice Baxley

After delivering their much-loved comeback EP 'That's Life' last year, FIDLAR have now announced their plans for their fourth studio album 'SURVIVING THE DREAM', which is set to be released on the 20th September.

The new full-length is being previewed by the two new singles 'GET OFF MY WAVE' and 'FIX ME', the latter of which comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Ryan Baxley and Brandon Schwartzel.

Speaking about the new release, frontman Zac Carper said, "This record is about doubling down on what you love. For us, it's about playing shows and making music. Coming back after a few years away, our intention was to self-make an album that the 3 of us are stoked on. We’re very very very pumped on it and what’s to come. These songs are meant to be heard live with the fellow FIDIOTS going off.

"We picked these two songs to lead off the record because it represents the energy we pull off live, he adds about “FIX ME” and “GET OFF MY WAVE.” It's all about the sad moshpit. And having Sosie agree to be part of the video was just awesome. We did karaoke with her on her birthday and she killed it. When we came up with the idea, she was the only choice. She’s perfect.”


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