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Felid - 'Knowing You, Part One'

Throughout 2020, Bristol-based producer Felid proved himself quite the intriguing character. While his alt-pop sound was utilised quite unanimously amongst the scene across every spectrum, it was the way in which he came across sonically that made him stand out from the crowd and forced us to take notice. So after a handful of singles these last few months, he has now delivered his highly-anticipated new EP 'Knowing You, Part One'.

Essentially a body of work that compiles everything he has been working on over the last year, 'Knowing You, Part One' makes for an incredibly intriguing collection. With its subtle blend of hard and pulsing electronics married effortlessly with some more sombre and solemn additions, it feels as if he is trying to figure out exactly what he is best at. Throwing caution to the wind at almost every turn, it is this bold embarkment into the unknown that gives his new EP a more diverse and surprising edge than most.

Things may only just be beginning for Felid, but it seems that he has already mastered the ability to grab his audience's attention. Fresh, vibrant, and inventive at every turn, 'Knowing You, Part One' feels like the beginning of a very promising and progressive career ahead.


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