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Fallin' Astronauts - 'Life In Motion'

After establishing themselves on the scene with a string of warm and enchanting releases these last few years, Vienna-based duo Fallin' Astronauts return once again with their triumphant new offering 'Life In Motion'.

Capturing another heady dose of progressive alt-pop aesthetics for their newest outing, 'Life In Motion' marks another rich and mesmerising effort from the pairing. With its warm and technicolour textures set perfectly to some beautifully emotive vocals throughout, they continues to shine as one of the more enticing names doing the rounds right now.

While they have certainly looked to pull on our heartstrings before, 'Life In Motion' marks another vital and passionate entry within their ever-growing catalogue right now. With such a wondrous approach to their production as well, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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