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Eruption Artistique - 'ICON'

After a flurry of bold and dynamic releases these last few months, including 'HI HA' and 'Vicar The Licker', Rotterdam-based outfit Eruption Artistique look to continue their vibrant ascent as they drop the driven new single 'ICON'.

Bringing back more of that rich and sultry blues-rock-inspired direction they are known for, 'ICON' makes for a brilliantly fresh and uplifting listen. Filled with warm and alluring textures, a soaring atmosphere, and some mesmerising vocals at the helm, they are cementing themselves as one of the more distinctive names on the rise right now.

While these last few years have been incredibly fruitful for the group, there still remains something about 'ICON' that is both captivating and exciting in equal measure. With such a strong and confident approach to their sound, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take them next.

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