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English Teacher drop new single 'Mastermind Specialism'

Photo: Tatiana Pozuelo

After the rousing support for their recent outings ‘The World’s Biggest Paving Slab’ and ‘Nearly Daffodils’, English Teacher return once again to deliver their brand new single 'Mastermind Specialism'.

The new track marks their first piece of new material since appearing on Later... With Jools Holland earlier this month, and sees them embark on a more subdued aesthetic this time around.

Speaking about the new offering, frontwoman Lily Fontaine said, “Decision paralysis is an ache that has murmured in me through sitting on smaller fences, through to questioning my theology, my sexuality, my career and so on. Watching Jaco Van Dormael’s incredible sci-fi/fantasy Mr Nobody put the cause and effect of this issue into perspective; my life has been consistent in its inconsistency. 12 different houses across the country and mixed-race I’ve always been a bit in-between and I think that’s where this song, and a lot of the songs we’re due to release, come from."


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