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Emmalee Rainbow - 'Origin'

Photo: Eric Carroll

After originally establishing herself with her stunning debut single 'Love In May' back in 2020, LA-based singer and songwriter Emmalee Rainbow has made her long-awaited return to unveil her spellbinding new effort 'Origin'.

Offering up more of that warm and heartfelt direction she has cultivated for herself, 'Origin' makes for a brilliantly rich and mesmerising listen. With her bold and soaring voice layered across a heady dose of broad and euphoric production throughout, she has certainly made it worth the wait.

While she only has a handful of cuts to her name so far, it is already clear that Emmalee Rainbow has a strong and confident grasp of her sound to date. Passionate and heartfelt within her songwriting, she is showcasing herself as a fresh and electrifying name emerging on the scene right now.

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