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ellakate - 'If You Want Me To'

After breaking through with her stunning debut single 'High Maintenance' earlier this year, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter ellakate returns once again to offer up her wonderfully warm new offering 'If You Want Me To'.

Capturing the same smooth and sultry tones as acts like Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse, injected with a brilliantly inventive production throughout, 'If You Want Me To' makes for a beautifully inviting listen. With her rich and soulful voice riding over a bed of brooding yet adventurous instrumentation from start to finish, she is arriving on the scene with a sound like no-one else right now.

While her journey may still be in its infancy, 'If You Want Me To' is showcasing a broad and innovative quality far beyond her years. With such a strong and captivating approach to her sound, we can't wait to hear where she will take it next.


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