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Eleri Ward - 'Perfect'

Photo: Bailie de Lacy

After spending the last few years building and developing herself into a wonderfully broad and distinctive artist, New York-based singer and songwriter Eleri Ward returns once again to deliver her sweet and delectable new single 'Perfect'.

Channelling a silky smooth and vibrant aesthetic from start to finish, 'Perfect' sees her elevate above her contemporaries and share a truly mesmerising new offering. With her warm and passionate vocals layered over a bold and adventurous alt-pop production, she glides elegantly across this dreamy soundscape, churning out one enticing hook after another.

As a name that has already built a strong and devout following over the years, Eleri Ward certainly stands out as an exploitative name emerging on the scene. With a sound that always looks to explore inventive tones and textures throughout her work, she makes for a beautifully woozy listen that is simply impossible to ignore.

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