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Electric High - 'Crooks'

After an already explosive run of releases since their highly-praised EP 'Walls Fall Down' last year, Norwegian outfit Electric High aren't slowing down any time soon as they return once again with their vibrant new single 'Crooks'.

Much like what we have come to expect from them in recent months, 'Crooks' sees them develop more of that riveting alt-rock aesthetic they are known for. With its bold and pulsing energy set perfectly to some euphoric riffs from start to finish, they continue to shine as one of the more adventurous and dynamic names doing the rounds right now.

While they have certainly looked to turn out a varied and diverse array of gems these last few years, 'Crooks' marks another shining example of their electrifying direction to date. With such a blistering approach to their songwriting and production, be ready for this one to blow you away throughout.


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