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Eddie Cohn - 'Wave Goodbye - Downtown Session'

Photo: Rony Peters

Having already turned out a flurry of rich and enchanting releases these last few years, LA-based artist Eddie Cohn is now looking to deliver a fresh take on his recent single 'Wave Goodbye' with its stellar Downtown Session rendition.

Offering a more stripped-back and organic approach to the track this time around, his Downtown Session of 'Wave Goodbye' perfectly heightens the riveting direction of the original. Brimming with raw and euphoric textures from start to finish, he is certainly looking to turn plenty of heads with this one.

While the original version of 'Wave Goodbye' was seen as one of his more impactful offerings, this Downtown Session really brings those effervescent tones to life throughout. Soaring and sweeping in equal measure, he continues to shine across the new music scene right now.


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