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DYLAN drops new single 'Rebel Child'

Photo: Daisy Dickenson

Following her recent Bastille collaboration 'Liar Liar' earlier this year, DYLAN is back once again to deliver her brand new single 'Rebel Child'.

The new track marks her second piece of new material since her widely-praised debut collection 'The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn' last year, and has been described as her "main character moment".

Adding about the new offering, she said, “First off, I LOVE this song. I basically wanted my own theme tune - my main character moment. It’s purposefully at the tempo of a good, strong, strut. It’s the first song I have released that is not about anything other than myself, not about heartbreak or loss, love or friendship; it is about me, myself and I.

"The lyric is about doing life my way and refusing to listen to anyone that tells me how to do it otherwise. The 'you' in the song represents the people that do not like me, it’s always seemed to add fuel to the fire, not get me down. This is my own anthem to getting to where I want to be.”


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