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Dust Cwaine - '90's Darling'

Photo: Cole Schmidt

After cementing themselves with a rich and alluring array of gems over the last few years, including the recently unveiled 'Hero', Vancouver-based artist Dust Cwaine is back once again to deliver their sweet and sweeping new delight '90's Darling'.

Channelling a raw and breezy approach to its nostalgic subject matter, '90's Darling' makes for a wonderfully enjoyable listen. With its smooth and laid-back demeanour and singalong hooks throughout, this is definitely one you will be humming along to long after its finished playing.

Speaking about the new offering, Dust Cwaine said, “This song brings me back to my childhood, the things that distracted me from the world and shaped me. It has a sense of longing for sillier times. I really wanted the lyrics to acknowledge the present moment uniquely. When I sing it, it feels like I’m singing into a time machine. Sonically it feels both new and familiar, which was a conscious effort by Josh Eastman, who produced this track. This song sits among an album of songs that are navel gazey. It’s one of many little jaunts to the past we take on the journey that is Arcana.”

While they have been slowly sharing these stunners over the last year, there is something about '90's Darling' that really stands out within their repertoire to date. Filled with shimmering songwriting and lofty textures, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.

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