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Dream Wife announce new album 'Social Lubrication'

Photo: Sophie Webster

After the release of their highly-praised 2020 sophomore LP 'So When You Gonna...', Dream Wife have now announced their plans for their new studio album 'Social Lubrication', which is set to be released on the 9th June via Lucky Number.

The new full-length will include the previously shared outing 'Leech', and is being previewed by the new lead single 'Hot (Don't Date A Musician)', accompanied by a stunning Bethany Fitter-directed video.

Speaking about the new offering, singer Rakel Mjöll said, “Dating musicians is a nightmare. Evoking imagery of late night make-outs with fuckboy/girl/ambiguously-gendered musicians on their mattress after being seduced by song-writing chat. The roles being equally reversed. Having a laugh together and being able to poke fun at ourselves is very much at the heart of this band. This song encapsulates our shared sense of humour. Sonically it is the lovechild of CSS and Motorhead. It has our hard, live, rock edge combined with cheeky and playful vocals.”

Check out the new video for 'Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Social Lubrication' Tracklist:

1. Kick In The Teeth

2. Who Do You Wanna Be?

3. Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)

4. Social Lubrication

5. Mascara

6. Leech

7. I Want You

8. Curious

9. Honestly

10. Orbit

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