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Doll Riot - 'Doll Riot' EP

After establishing themselves with their breakthrough debut single 'Fuck You' earlier this year, US outfit Doll Riot are now looking to cement their legacy to date with the release of their impactful self-titled debut EP.

Continuing their flair for fresh and energetic garage-rock aesthetics throughout, this new three-track collection perfectly encompasses their driven direction to date. Jam-packed with shimmering riffs, vibrant hooks, and some memorable and catchy vocals from start to finish, they are already off to a terrific start with this one.

While they have only been producing material for the last few months, it is already clear that Doll Riot have a strong and confident grasp over their sound so far. With fresh and engaging songwriting littered throughout, this release is one you'll be coming back to again and again.


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