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Digital Tapestry - 'Go For Broke'

After introducing himself with his vibrant initial offerings 'The Little Things' and 'I'm The One' last year, US artist Digital Tapestry returns for 2023 to deliver his sweeping new single 'Go For Broke'.

Capturing more of that warm and dreamy indie-pop aesthetic he has been developing for himself since he first emerged, 'Go For Broke' makes for a wonderfully bright and enjoyable listen. With his light and breezy voice layered across a fun and bouncing production from start to finish, he is returning for the new year with one of his most enchanting cuts to date here.

While he still may be within the infancy of his career right now, 'Go For Broke' shows that he has plenty of fresh and invigorating ideas to explore. With such a firm and confident grasp over his direction throughout, we can't wait to hear where he'll take his sound next.


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