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Dez Rocksteady - 'Whitby Beach'

After delighting us with a warm and varied array of gems these last few years, Leeds-based singer-songwriter Der Rocksteady is back on the grind once again to offer up his sweeping new stunner 'Whitby Beach'.

Conjuring more of that sweet and alluring acoustic-led aesthetic he is known for, 'Whitby Beach' makes for a wonderfully rich and compassionate listen. With his light and compelling voice layered across a sweeping stripped-back production from start to finish, this new one will pull you in and never let you go.

While he has certainly looked to create a vivid collection of offerings in recent months, 'Whitby Beach' shows that there is still plenty of inventive spirit coursing though him. With such a strong and endearing approach to his songwriting, he has already captured our hearts with this one.


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