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Declan McKenna announces new album 'What Happened To The Beach?'

After the release of his highly-praised sophomore LP 'Zeroes' in 2020, Declan McKenna has now announced his plans for his new studio album 'What Happened To The Beach?', which is set to be released on the 9th February via Columbia Records.

The new full-length will include his recent comeback effort 'Sympathy', and is being previewed by the new lead single 'Nothing Works'.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “Nothing Works came out of the frustration of feeling boxed in and tied to expectation, but it is a euphoric tune, at its core it’s a celebration of being true to yourself. In the track, I’m kind of mocking the idea that I’d just take advice that neglects my own intuition, and I often feel like nothing works when you’re trying to match norms or expectations, because you can never please everyone, but if you trust your gut and your own motivations in any aspect of life, the parameters for feeling good in yourself are much simpler and more powerful.”


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