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Death Cab For Cutie announce acoustic version of 'Asphalt Meadows'

After the release of their highly-praised studio album 'Asphalt Meadows' late last year, Death Cab For Cutie have now announced their plans for a new acoustic rendition of their latest LP, which will be released on the 10th March.

The new full-length 'Asphalt Meadows (Acoustic)' is being previewed by the new stripped-back version of 'Pepper' and a moving cover of 'The Plan', released in tribute to the late Mimi Parker, their close friend and drummer for the iconic band Low.

Speaking about the new cover, frontman Ben Gibbard said, “I first saw Low in 1994 opening for Sunny Day Real Estate at the OK Hotel in Seattle. Since then, they’ve been one of the most influential and important bands of my life. It was the fulfillment of my teenage self’s indie rock dream when our bands became friends while on tour together in 2012.

"We were incredibly saddened by Mimi’s passing this past November. She was an incredible artist and an even better human being.

"We believe the best way to remember the musicians we lose is to play their songs. ‘The Plan’ has always been one of our favorite Low songs and is presented here in tribute to Mimi.”

Have a listen to both of the new offerings and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Asphalt Meadows (Acoustic)' Tracklist:

I Don’t Know How I Survive (Acoustic)

Roman Candles (Acoustic)

Asphalt Meadows (Acoustic)

Rand McNally (Acoustic)

Here to Forever (Acoustic)

Foxglove Through The Clearcut (Acoustic)

Pepper (Acoustic)

I Miss Strangers (Acoustic)

Wheat Like Waves (Acoustic)

Fragments From the Decade (Acoustic)

I’ll Never Give Up On You (Acoustic)

The Plan

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