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Dax - 'To Be A Man'

Having already cemented himself as one of the more exciting rappers emerging on the scene these last few years, Dax is now looking to unveil more of his tender side on the sweeping new single 'To Be A Man'.

Channelling some wonderfully warm and emotive aesthetics this time around, 'To Be A Man' marks one of his most heartfelt efforts to date. With its rich and immersive atmosphere, permeates with his own passionate flow once again, this new one will certainly pull on your heartstrings from start to finish.

While he has certainly built a strong and diverse array of releases over the years, 'To Be A Man' shows that he still has plenty of fresh and enticing ideas in which to pursue. With such a firm and confident approach to his sound once again, we can't wait to hear where he takes his journey next.

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