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Dax - 'The Devil's Calling'

After establishing himself with a wealth of highly-impactful offerings these last few years, progressive rapper Dax is back to his glittering best on the pulsing new anthem 'The Devil's Calling'.

Bringing back another heady dose of raw and driven hip-hop aesthetics, matched perfectly with his own energetic flow throughout, 'The Devil's Calling' is another blistering entry in his ever-growing repertoire. Filled with furious power, a vibrant atmosphere, and killer hooks from start to finish, he is certainly looking to turn some heads with this one.

While he has already built a strong and devout fanbase in recent years, 'The Devil's Calling' shows that he still has plenty of fire burning within him. With such an engaging presence on this new release, he certainly set to continue his upward ascent throughout 2023 as well.


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