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Dax - 'PTSD'

Having already established himself as one of the more forward-thinking names on the hip-hop scene these last few years, US rapper Dax is back to his best once again on the pensive new single 'PTSD'.

Continuing his exploration of rich and adventurous aesthetics that perfectly reflect his own thought-provoking direction, 'PTSD' makes for a brilliantly engaging listen. With his distinctly heartfelt flow measured against some wonderfully atmospheric production throughout, he is starting his 2023 with one of his most tender works to date.

While these last few years have certainly seen him build a broad and exciting catalogue of releases, 'PTSD' shows that he still has plenty of fresh and enticing ideas in which to explore. With such a progressive approach to his sound, he cements himself as a truly unique voice on the scene with this one.


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