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Davie Furey - 'History'

Photo: Ruth Medjber

After making a bold impact with his stunning studio album 'Haunted Streets' last year, Irish singer-songwriter Davie Furey has returned once again to deliver another dose of bright and uplifting Celtic-pop with 'History'.

As an artist that is always finding new and exciting ways to bring his Celtic roots to a more mainstream appeal, 'History' perfectly finds that bridge between the two worlds with effortless finesse. Inviting a subtle blend of folk-inspired textures to his own energetic direction gives this new offering a warm and embracing feel that really lifts your spirits.

Speaking about the track, Davie said, “While I was working on ‘History,’ Michael was in my head. To have him fighting for the world-championship belt, I thought it was something to be proud of. But as songs often do, it evolved into something much broader than that. It came to represent the last two years, which have, of course, been difficult—covid has changed us, changed our attitudes. A lot of people were on their own during the pandemic, and when you’re alone you have a lot of time to think. People picked up new hobbies. They reconnected with their families, their pets and nature. Whether that persists as we get back into the normality of life, I don't know. But for a lot of people, the experience changed the course of their lives. And that’s what ‘History’ reflects upon—the restoration of our lives.”

He has already proven himself a sweet and alluring name on the scene, and 'History' perfectly continues that vibrant sound. Definitely one to keep an eye on in the months ahead.


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