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David Nolf - 'Feels Like Summer'

Having already cemented himself with a flurry of bright and dynamic offerings over the last few years, LA-based artist David Nolf has returned once again to unveil his latest toe-tapper 'Feels Like Summer'.

Teaming up with platinum selling producer, engineer, singer, composer and label head Bradley Denniston for the release, 'Feels Like Summer' sees the pair deliver a wonderfully fresh and uplifting pop-rock delight. Jam-packed with shimmering tones, vibrant textures, and an incredibly catchy chorus to boot, this one will be stuck in your head for hours afterwards.

Speaking about the new track, Nolf said, “Feels Like Summer” is inspired by the nostalgia of those summers when you truly had no worries, life was simple and just being around friends was everything you needed - It’s that feeling of forgetting about all the work and “real life” stuff you have to do, you can just have fun with your friends and people you care about.”

While we eagerly await the hotter days ahead of us, 'Feels Like Summer' is the perfect anthem to get yourself in the mood. Bold and exciting from start to finish, we simply can't get enough of it right now.


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