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Danny Toeman - 'Shake The Blues (Outta Your Shoes)'

Photo: Ian Wallman

After a tumultuous few years that saw the artist take a backseat to his usually prolific identity on the scene, London-based groove-meister Danny Toeman is back with a bang as he drops his fun and upbeat new single 'Shake The Blues (Outta Your Shoes)'.

Originally written as a response to Blue Monday, which is largely considered the most depressing day of the year, 'Shake The Blues (Outta Your Shoes)' sees him channel the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown for this fresh and charismatic return. Jam-packed with brass overtones, energetic drum work, and some stellar vocals from the man himself, this new one will rise you out of your seat and have you shaking your hips in no time.

Recorded to analogue tape with the Love Explosion band all playing together in the studio, Danny made sure to establish the authentic feel of the song by sending the track to be mixed by Vince Chiarito at Hive Mind Recording, New York City. Chiarito, whose credits including Black Pumas, Eli ‘Paperboy Reed’, and various acts on the Colemine Record label, delivered the final goods on this vibrant new gem.


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