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Dan Pye - 'Billboard' (Acoustic)

Following on from his highly-praised 2022 EP 'Funny Way Of Dying Kid', London-based singer-songwriter Dan Pye is now back for the new year to release the stripped-back rendition of his seminal debut single, 'Billboard'.

With the original released back in 2021, this new revamped version of 'Billboard' sees him hone in more on those rich and emotive lyrics his first outing was known for. Adding in a broad and lofty string section to heighten its already powerful aesthetic, his latest offering sees him return with one of his most captivating offerings to date.

While the original recording certainly put him on the map, the acoustic take on 'Billboard' gives us an insight into where his sound is likely heading next. Brimming with warm and tender emotion throughout, we can't wait to hear what else he has planned for the year ahead as well.


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